Friday, January 1, 2010

BEERS OF THE YEAR -- 2009!!!


2010 promises to be another great year for beer!

Here at Beeraucracy, your two Beeraucrats, Mugsy and Jugsy, promise to bring you many more fun and insightful reviews throughout the year, all from the husband and wife perspective!

At the moment, Jugsy and I are still under the weather (can you believe it?!), and still unable to do a proper review.

That being said, this seems like the perfect time to bring you Beeraucracy's Best of 2009!

We have gone back through all the reviews of 2009; studied and scrutinized - read and re-read, and come up with...

(drum roll, please!)


Ladies first! Let's start with Jugsy's 2009 favorite....

Jugsy: At a mind-boggling 100+ IBUs, my pick for 2009 beer of the year (you might call it my own personal pursuit of "hoppiness") is the Stone Ruination IPA!

Click HERE for the full review

And now Mugsy's favorite for 2009....

Mugsy: January 1st just happens to be the day that I proposed to Jugsy. So, what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with the Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale?!

Click HERE for the full review

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a husband & wife to agree on anything! However, Mugsy & Jugsy sure do agree that the Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron was one of their mutual favorites of 2009!

Click HERE for the full review

Happy 2010! We wish you happiness, health and lots of beer throughout the year!

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  1. Hey great list I've tried out some of them back at home! hope to see more from you thanks!