Saturday, November 28, 2009

World's Strongest Beer!

Yesterday BrewDog, a Scottish Brewery, launched its most daring beer yet. (Their website is worth a visit!)

At a whopping 32% ABV, Tactical Nuclear Penguin - as the ale is called - is almost as strong as Whisky! BrewDog suggests the serving size to be the same as one would enjoy for spirits. (If you did that, wouldn't the remainder just go flat?!?)

It's doubtful that Mugsy & Jugsy will be among the lucky few to try this brew, as only 500 bottles have been produced, with half going on sale for £35 each! The other half will be offered at £250 with a share in the company also on offer -- no word on how much that's worth.

Looks like Beer Tutor will have to update its site, which currently lists Hair of the Dog Dave as the beer with the highest alcohol content at a miserly 29% ABV!

Mugsy and Jugsy wonder at what point exactly does beer meet the spirit world?


  1. Leave it to the Scots! The title of this post makes me think of Irn-Bru, which I just may have to do a post on myself!

  2. Oh, yes! Irn-Bru! (Made from real iron girders!)

    A friend of ours told us about a place in Eagle Rock called Galco's Soda Pop Shop. Apparently, they have every weird, discontinued soda (and candy ever made) -- and a great BEER selection, which was why he suggested it to us! Maybe we should pay them a visit soon??