Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hoptober Golden Ale

Hoptober Golden Ale

New Belgium Brewing Company

6% ABV - 12 fl oz. bottle

40 IBU

Served in a Pint Glass

Staying with the Oktoberfest theme from last week, Mugsy and Jugsy decided to review another season-appropriate brew. With a name like “Hoptober” this beer was just begging to be sampled, savored – and naturally, reviewed! At a relatively high 40 IBU [International Bitterness Units] Mugsy and Jugsy couldn’t wait to whet their palates with all the Hoppy goodness this beer promised to deliver!

Let the Hoppiness begin! (Jugsy couldn’t resist that one.)

In every proper review, we will examine the Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Mouth-Feel, Drinkability and Overall Rating of the Beer and arrive at a Total Score from 1 to 10.

Hoptober Golden Ale


Mugsy: Deep golden color, with a thin-ish head; lots of carbonation visible.

Jugsy: Golden, deep amber color with slight reddish tones, medium head (most of which dissipates rapidly), visibly carbonated; leaves lacing on glass.


Mugsy: Intense flower hops immediately singe the nose hairs. Smells almost like a West Coast IPA.

Jugsy: Immediate smell is one of flowery hops; noticeable orange undertones with a hint of Vanilla; sweet, inviting scent.


Mugsy: Very hoppy, but not quite as hoppy as the aroma indicates. Definitely bitter, but not like an IPA; slight aftertaste of orange peel, lemon. I can’t help but take a big whiff of hops with every gulp!

Jugsy: Soapy, flowery taste of hops; secondary citrus flavors with a hint of nutmeg and possibly something spicier. It has a pleasant, bitter finish with strong hops aftertaste.


Mugsy: The 40 IBU rating is apparent as the hops bite the tongue. Goes down very clean and crisp. More like a Pilsner rather than an Ale, but not quite as carbonated.

Jugsy: Slightly watery, more than moderately carbonated; crisp and light.


Mugsy: Would be very easy to throw these back on a hot day and be loaded before you knew it! The Pilsner-like quality makes it not heavy as an Ale and very drinkable.

Jugsy: Very drinkable – light and refreshing, yet flavorful enough to be enjoyably consumed as a good session beer.


Mugsy: Good beer. Not overly complex but would be a great beer to drink with friends or with a sandwich (or other light food). Would definitely drink this again!

Jugsy: I’m a big fan of the flowery hop taste. At 40 IBU, Hoptober has a good ratio of bitterness to overall flavor. While I did enjoy this beer, I can’t help but feel that something was missing! It left me wanting just a little more. Having said that, I wouldn’t turn down a tall, cold glass anytime soon!


Mugsy: 6.5

Jugsy: 7.25

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  1. I was very surprised at how much I liked this beer. I can't stand Fat Tire and don't understand the mass appeal of it so this was a pleasant surprise. I went in thinking it was going to be just as boring and bland as Fat Tire but was very pleased. I found it once at our local grocer but never again. Maybe next year.